Au sujet de F4IEW – SWL- F-80293

Franck F4IEW is located in Val d’Oise in north north ouest from PARIS, about 25 Km, I was previously SWL 80293,

Altitude of the QRA is 160 meter and locator is JN19DA.

I’m using YAESU FT-857 TX/RX transmitter with PSU-1250 power supply and Diamon SX-600 for ROS and Power mesurement, equipement is connected to the AT-230 antenna tuner and/or the personal home made antenna tuner.

I’ve an electronic background since 1989 and I’m now teaching electronic and data protection.

I start programming in 1984 with Apple II and Commodor VIC20 or ZX81.

I’ve started to be a shortwaave listner in 1990 with Sony ICF7600 but i’ve stoped some years later and start again radio listning in 2017 with the YAESU FRG100 in the middle 2018 also with the actual FT857.

I get my amateur radio licence in november 2018

I’m know equiped with 3 home made antennas:

– G5rV 31 meters long outside connected to homemade antenna tuner with 450 ohms twin lead, I also use AT-230 Kenwood antenna tuner. This antenna is used for 80/40/30/20 meters band.

– Dipole antenna for 10 meter band

– J-Pôle antenna for VHF.UHF placed at 8 meters from the ground.

I like to make my own antennas, i also have 8 elements Quagi that has to be tested in more details for 2m band, and also and other « Papillon » 5 elements directional antenna.

I’ve recently get a Baofeng DM-5R that i currently use for DMR and mobile analog VHF on relays. I’m awaiting the Jumbo Spot DMR HotSpot MMDVM board on a PiZero to stay in touch with tha world anywhere in traveling.

I also do FT8 and WSPR with JTDX software on 40 and 80 meter bands with USB-62C data link cable to my FT-857 awaitig the delivery of the U5-link to get better signal with better isolation between computer and transmitter.

I also do some listining decoding SSTV and easyPal images and also FAX with differents applications.

I’m also using a USB-RTL SDR with SDR# or HDSDR or Cubic SDR or SpectrumLab.

I’m also interested by listing of ELF VLF with SAQrx or Spectrum lab connected to PC audio card.

My need is: more time in one human life to do evrything i wish !

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Best 73!