RigExpert connection with ICOM 751 through accessory socket

TI-3000 RigExpert USB Transceiver Interface with ICOM 751

ICOM 751 has an ACC Socket connections that could be used in order to connect AF input/output and PTT and also CW functions with external dedicated USB transceiver interfaces used for numeric communication (RTTY/BPSK, QPSK, FT8, WSPR, ….) . Here is my own adaptation to make it works.

The 20KOhm resistor has been added in order to get the possibility of speaking and doing numeric transmission in the same time. Without adding this resistor the output impedance from interface do not allowed anymore use of microphone without unplugging the DB25 socket from the transceiver. This is due to the connection between two stage of transistor used for AF amplification inside ICOM 751. In order to prevent this problem I have added a 20K resistor between pin 5 from ACC socket and pin 25 (MIC_TRCVR) of the RigExpert USB transceiver interface. Then it’s now possible to do alternate numeric transmission and speaking between without necessary unplugging. If you want to prevent any noise coming from microphone during the transmission then you could reduce the MIC GAIN from the front panel during the data transmission this has no effect on the signal level on Pin 5.

Pin connection TI-3000 RigExpert USB Transceiver Interface with ICOM 751

Works fine !  do not forget to configure the PTT DTS signal on the right COM Port.   The frequency has to be adjust by hand (no CAT communication)

Configuration of FLDIGI, JTDX, easyPal

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